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Services In Hostile Areas

It would be nice if the world was as safe and pleasant as a stroll down the beach in Santa Cruz, California or around the Town Lake jogging trail in Austin, Texas, but most of the world is far from this.  However, communication system and IT services must still be deployed, repaired, secured, neutralized, and recovered from some of the most hostile places on the planet.

Tobias International has assembled the necessary personnel, resources, and assets to perform IT services globally in the most hostile of conditions no matter the source of the threat.

Tobias International can perform a number of services including short-term to long-term staff augmentation in remote or mobile data centers as well as staffing at embassies, consulates, military installations, or foreign corporate offices.

Additional services include short-term repair and return to operational services of field offices, outposts, checkpoints, and relay stations in friendly and hostile environments.

Tobias International also provides services to secure and recover sensitive data and systems, which if acquired by unintended individuals, would cause irreparable damages to the originating individuals, and organizations. Tobias International provides services to both recover such assets or services and to neutralize these assets so information cannot be extracted or the system will be rendered inoperable permanently.

*DisclaimerWhile in the United States, Tobias International adheres to all federal, states, and local laws.  Generally, such services and tactics are typically only needed in areas of great civil unrest or in lawless areas of the world.

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