SolarWinds Assessment

Tobias International performs comprehensive assessments of SolarWinds Orion platforms, which provide your organization with detailed analysis, diagnostics, and recommendations for optimizing your organization’s existing SolarWinds platform.

We analyze the current state of your SolarWinds system and evaluate it against established best practices defined by both SolarWinds and by us at Tobias International, based on our deployment and management of hundreds of SolarWinds Orion systems.

We then define the effort required to move your SolarWinds Orion environment from its current state to fully optimized.

Some of the items we analyze during our SolarWinds assessments include:

  • Hardware Resources Allocated
  • Operating System and Configuration
  • Database Setup and Health
  • SolarWinds Orion Components
  • Orion Configuration and Performance
  • Overall System Monitoring Strategy
  • Alert Configuration and Accuracy
  • Grouping
  • Maps
  • Custom Properties

We give you our findings from each area of our assessment and related best practices recommendations specific to your SolarWinds environment in a clearly structured document. The end result is a step-by-step roadmap to maximizing your SolarWinds capabilities and benefits.