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customizationCreate an NMS experience tailored to your business needs

Unlocking the true potential of your SolarWinds investment requires customization. Tobias International aligns client deployments with their environment and business needs. We apply the appropriate customization and then provide the guidance and training to help organizations manage their IT Services as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Tobias International can assist you in customizing your SolarWinds experience including:

  • Defining appropriate user accounts, Orion views, user/view limitations, reports and alerts to meet business needs
  • Ensuring correct level of granularity by specifying monitoring parameters and creating custom device pollers
  • Leveraging the full set of Orion capabilities through knowledge transfer on best practices and recommendations
  • Creating business-relevant operational views, maps, and dynamic grouping through Custom Properties
  • Enhance the statistic collection and performance management capabilities for servers and applications with customized Server Application Monitor templates