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Network Implementation

Tobias International Network Implementation service utilizes our consultants' expertise in integrating new networking systems without disrupting ongoing business operations, while providing value-added services, such as IP addressing, router configuration, and project management.

Tobias International network implementation capabilities include construction and rollout of network operations/management centers, router rollout and implementation, switch deployment, and carrier provisioning for WANs.


Tobias International Network Implementation service is customized for each client. Depending on work scope and content, it may include some or all of the following activities:

  • Deploying high-speed backbone networks
  • Integrating network management platforms
  • Building network operations and management centers
  • Implementing remote access technology
  • Re-configuring and upgrading network elements, systems, and facilities
  • Testing, certifying, and documenting the network

With the ever-increasing demand for networking services within organizations, implementation is the most urgent issue confronting enterprises today. Clients who rely on Tobias International’s consultants for network implementation are assured of rapid and reliable service with minimal impact on business operations. Tobias International project management expertise provides the methodology and processes that enable organizations to manage change.

Client Deliverables

Clients can define service packaging to suit their implementation requirements, ranging from technical support of volume rollout efforts to full "turnkey" delivery of network operations centers. Tobias International’s focuses on value-added delivery in a number of areas:

  • Cost- and time-managed implementation programs, delivered on time and within budget
  • Routine and periodic program reporting, with milestone control
  • Positive change order control, with full audit traceback to the change originator
  • Verification that components and transport are operating according to design specification
  • Complete "as built" documentation of the physical and logical network

Tobias International's Network Implementation service is scaled to the complexity of the enterprise and the individual client's requirements. Typical engagements run from two to four weeks for each major deliverable. Supplemental staffing resources are also available for larger-scale and long-term implementation programs.

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