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Network Planning

Tobias International’s Network Planning service provides clients with operational, tactical, and strategic reviews of their current network and future requirements. Using the Tobias International structured Network Lifecycle Methodology, we identify critical business, technical, and operational requirements; develop comprehensive project and program plans; assess technologies; and recommend courses of implementation.

Tobias International services are delivered by our worldwide team of network consultants. These seasoned professionals possess the specialized skills that enable them to quickly and effectively solve our clients' most demanding networking challenges.


The Network Planning service typically includes the following activities:

  • Documenting client business requirements
  • Developing strategic network architectures
  • Performing network baseline, network manageability, and security audits
  • Preparing capacity plans for the physical network, including bandwidth allocation
  • Selecting preferred technologies
  • Planning for implementation of specified technologies

Network planning is essential to ensuring high-performance, long-term network operations. Tobias International consultants are able to provide a superior Network Planning service because, in addition to knowing the latest networking technologies, they are skilled in relating the network requirements to the client's business objectives. They then translate these requirements into a solution that meets the needs of the users.

Client Deliverables

Client deliverables for network planning are defined in the Tobias International statement of work or program proposal provided during the initial account development meeting. Examples of deliverables that are often provided under the Network Planning service include findings and recommendations for the following items:

  • Technology assessments and integration plans
  • Network utilization baselines
  • Development of client-defined program and project plans
  • Network upgrade programs and high-level implementation plans
  • Routing protocol upgrade and migration plans
  • IP addressing and subnetting plans

Tobias International’s Network Planning service is scaled to the complexity of the enterprise and the individual client's requirements. Typical engagements run from one to four weeks for each major deliverable. Baseline audits using the industry leading software last a minimum of 90 days.

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