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SolarWinds Reports

Screenshot 2016-08-10 07.50.54  SolarWinds Reports

SolarWinds provides you with a wide array of predefined reports for each Orion module, and a web-based interface that enables you to customize the predefined reports and create your own reporting strategy. Reports can be printed or exported in a variety of formats.

In addition to using the Orion Web Console to view and create reports, you can also use the Orion Report Writer to maintain legacy reports created prior to the introduction of the Web Console Report Interface.

Tobias International employs highly skilled engineers with extensive experience in report building and SQL queries that will assist any network department build or modify any report to better suit our clients needs. We can provide custom reports in with either the Web-base report builder or the Orion Report Writer that will satisfy the highest level executive to the day-to-day field technician.

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